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BePharma CRM and analytics solution that helps Medical Reps. and management teams target, plan, and execute Marketing strategies


End-to-end solutions and services backed by proven experience and expertise in the Pharmaceutical industry

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Mobile technology that helps Medical reps address questions and deliver valuable, targeted information concisely and visually

About BePharma

BePharma is a web and mobile application built for managers and medical representatives in the pharmaceutical industry to automate the process of the medical representative visits to doctors. In order to revolutionize the process, we wanted to build an application that fills a market gap, BePharma is a CRM exclusive for pharmaceutical organizations developed with an algorithm to make the visit as efficient as possible. Hence, a 68% increase in the number of visits per month due to the tracking, reporting, and geo-location features.

Decrease in False Visits

Increase in no. of Visits

More Accurate Reports

Customer Satisfaction

Why BePharma

Single Vendor Accountability

BePharma works with you - from implementation to hosting to training your team to staffing – to deliver a CRM aligned to your needs with seamless support and service.

Real-time Reporting

Understand critical business trends without relying on partially integrated third-party components. Push insights into CRM action, measure outcomes and close the loop in real-time.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

BePharma supports a wide range of mobile devices using android and iOS platforms so you can choose the mobile device that best fits the needs of each role in your organization.

Supporting the complexities, nuances and regulatory requirements of pharma. companies with a client-centric approach to meeting current and future needs. Supporting the complexities, nuances and regulatory requirements of Pharma companies with a client-centric approach to meeting current and future needs. Moreover, as the pharmaceutical industry is more complex than other industries, we did a market research with a goal to make a solution that fixes all the problems the industry is facing. Hence, we built a CRM for managers to manage the process of medical representatives.
One of the main aspects of BePharma is controlling. A manager can edit and create routing plans, clients, products, and instant visits. Furthermore, BePharma is fully customisable. Companies have different goals and objectives, therefore, each company needs different reports, which is controlled by the administrator. In addition, accepting or declining a client request is controlled by managers. BePharma, the perfect tool to control your business.
BePharma puts all your reports in one place, so you can monitor all the activities done by your company. Moreover, you can observe all the visits of medical representatives live, any action the rep. makes will appear in the same time on your screen. Hence, if the medical rep. is facing any problem you can back him with information directly through the app, instantly. In addition, we promise that all the monitoring process will be paper-free. Monitoring is usually ugly and boring, but with BePharma it is beautiful and exciting.
With all the reports and all your activities in one place, it is much easier to start planning for the future of your company. All your sales, visits, reports of visits, cost, competitors, client requests, etc… are shown and can be compared in order to simplify the planning process for you. With BePharma you will have a successful future.

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Our Features


It is the main frame of the application and contains user quick analytics, user assigned visits & activities. It is also customized in which we can tailor the application depending on customer demands. Manager can see realtime check-in Visits.

Client Management

Application tools provide the possibility to store information of your customers: persons (doctors, pharmacists, public officers etc.) and organizations (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, wholesalers etc). There are various data fields for information recording as well as a possibility to create custom data fields.


a notification is sent to executives, supervisors, and medical reps to notify them that there is a message, image, update, or a task is sent to them.


Reports tool is one of the most flexible customized features of the application to measure and track all the analytics of the application cycle . all inputs of the application can be outputted through reports in different forms , some reports will be supported with drawn charts .


Classified as categories depending on the function of the drug, each category contains a list of products with all the information related to the product. Medical representatives will be able to show clients the data of the drug within the app. The list is sorted by market name, scientific name, or speciality. In addition to the ability of adding a new category.


Shows the visits of the day and the status of the visit whether it is pending or done. Every medical rep. has the privilege of seeing his own visits schedule only. Managers will see all the visits for the current day.

Events Manager

In the calendar you have the ability to add events, send invitations, and plan your schedule within the app. Events manager is also integrated with routing plan in order to allow reps to see their schedule

Clients Requests

Is a feature to register the request of the clients through the rep visit , this request will be showed to the managers to check availability of achieving this request. moreover, managers will then receive client request in order to accept or declined them, and the acceptance based on the company's hierarchy.

Instant Chat

A tool for sales reps. and supervisors to chat either during or after meetings for quick questions while simultaneously using the app.

Check In/Out

Allows medical representatives to check in by location at the beginning of the visit. Then, the representative will check out at the end of the visit, meanwhile, the app will measure the time of the visit simultaneously while the report is being written by the medical representative.

Routing Plan

Is assigned to medical representatives them or by their supervisors containing locations, name of clients, and notes regarding each visit. A routing plan can be assigned either daily, weekly, or monthly. In case the medical rep. missed a visit or the client apologized,the visits will automatically be shifted according to the frequency base

Private Messages

a formal messaging feature within the company for requests, permissions, forms, important questions, or a decision required regarding a case

Our Support

24/7 call support

Our customer service is there to help you anytime a problem occurs. If the problem is still unfixed, an appointment will be set for a technician to visit you

Website Ticket

Ability to send a ticket with the difficulties you're facing including photos or documents through our website to handle within 24 hours.

Free Updates

As we try to seek perfection, BePharma is constantly updating in order to ban the occurrence of bugs and introduce new feature over the time.


Sending an E-Mail with the problem will be forwarded immediately to our technical team to check the problem and handle it within 24 hours.

Technician Visit

If the problem still occurs after all the other methods have been tried. A technician will visit to solve the problem.

Knowledge Base

Login to our online knowledge base to navigate any information about the application.

Our Pricing Tables

Price+ Monthly Subscription
  • Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Product Management
  • Visit Management
  • Visit Report
  • Completed & canceled visits charts
  • Visits by specialties charts
  • Visits by client category charts
  • Internal messages system
  • Event Management
  • Emlployee Management
  • Manual Backup
  • Automatic Backup
  • Statistics of the month
  • Suggested clients
  • Products vs visits chart
  • Client request Management
  • Clients request reports
  • Sample Management
  • Samples stock reports
  • Samples vs products chart
  • Samples Delivery chart
  • Drug safety report Management
  • Visit effective time charts
  • Visit waiting time charts
  • Visits target
  • Visits target charts
  • Map for reps tracking
  • Free website
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